More Information on Private LEssons

First Consultation FREE

15-20-min free phone consultation / or feel free to talk to Carol after one of her classes

During your first consultation we will discuss your goals/needs, how many times you might like to meet, and your location and scheduling preferences.


1-class = $95

3-class pack = $70 per class (70x3 = $210 total)

5-class pack = $65 per class (65x5 = $325 total)

10-class pack = $60 per class (60x10 = $600 total)

A written routine with detailed instructions for each pose or set of movements will be included with your private lessons.

Your payment is due in cash or check or Venmo at the start of the first session.


Private Lessons are held at the NE Portland Studio, close to Concordia University — 97211.

If you’d like to meet at your home or a studio of your choice, a transportation or studio rental fee will be added. Contact me privately to inquire.


Please indicate the best days/times to meet during your consultation. My personal best day for private lessons are Fridays. However, all days are available EXCEPT Wednesdays & Thursdays. Available times on M, T, F, S, Su may vary depending on my teaching schedule. I will do my very best to accommodate your scheduling needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each class?

Classes are about 60-min long and may go a few minutes over.

How long do I have to use up my 3, 5 or 10-class packages? 

Generally, you will want to meet with me every week until you use up your classes, in order to get the maximum benefit from consistency in your practice. However, there may be some weeks when you (or myself) will be sick or out of town -- we can accommodate for these circumstances. Classes expire after one year.

Can my husband/wife, partner, teenager, or friend join me for my private lessons? 

Yes! Please add $20 per person/per class to the fees above. We can accommodate up to two people total for private lessons. Three or more? See private group information.

How soon do I need to let you know whether I want to book a 3, 5, or 10 class pack?

You can decide and let me know after your free consultation. If you decide on a 3-pack, but decide later that you'd like a 5 or 10 class pack, you will be given the appropriate discount for that package. 

What are the benefits of private lessons?

Scroll down to "Why Private Lessons?" at the end of this page...

Do you offer discounts to people in financial need?

Yes, please contact me privately to inquire.

More information on private groups

First Consultation FREE

15-30 minute free phone consultation


Rates are customized per group and will depend on size of group, how many times you would like to meet, location, and other needs of the group. 


I want to design a home practice but don't know where to start...

If you are interested in starting a home practice but have no idea where to begin, private lessons are a wonderful way to help make yoga accessible at home. We work together to design a practice that meets your needs, broken up into sections so that whether you have 5 minutes or 20 minutes, your home practice feels accessible and helpful.

I want to learn more about a specific issue or injury...

Private lessons can make a significant difference in helping to understand your unique history, and bring healing to where you personally need it most.  I have worked with students to understand chronic pain, rehabilitate the feet, develop a routine for hand inflammation, work with a shoulder injury, etc...

I wish I received more personalized attention in group classes...

Sometimes I hear students wishing they received more personalized attention during group classes because they don't feel like they are doing some of the poses correctly or aren't sure how it is supposed to feel in their bodies. Because of the demanding nature of group classes, yoga teachers are limited in the amount of time they can devote to individual students. Private lessons are a great way to get the attention you need, get your questions answered, and take your individualized knowledge right back into your group classes, increasing your understanding of poses and improving your practice.

I'm ready to go deeper in my practice...

At some point in your practice, you may feel like you are ready to go deeper. Perhaps you want to start a meditation practice, learn how to chant, delve into philosophy, or go deeper in your understanding of certain poses or physical practice. Private lessons can allow you to understand specific topics of interest and dive more deeply into your practice. 

I'm interested in one of the specialized series or workshops but they never seem to work out for my schedule...

If you see a workshop or series class you are interested in taking, but it doesn't work out for your schedule, we can work together in private lessons so that you receive the same information and practice (with even more individualized attention).