Ashley Dahl

Ashley Dahl, MSW, is a champion of compassionate self-awareness, Ashley possesses a keen ability to infuse mindfulness into everyday life. She brings humor and a presence of calm thoughtfulness as she blends the teachings of wisdom traditions with modern culture. Ashley has been practicing meditation in the vipassana (insight) tradition for over fifteen years and is trained and certified through the Mindfulness Training Institute. To learn more visit: openspacemindfulness.com

Carol partners with Ashley to teach "A Day of Kindness Retreat" and “Summer Coastal Retreat.”


Jenn Noble

Jenn Noble is a yoga teacher and classically trained musician who is deeply dedicated to her meditation and mantra practice. She loves sharing the healing arts of music and Kirtan in a down to earth and sincere manner. Jenn is proud to be an Accessible Yoga Ambassador. Accessible Yoga is dedicated to sharing the benefits of Yoga with anyone who currently does not have access to these practices, and with communities that have been excluded or underserved. To learn more visit: JennNobleYoga.com

Carol partners with Jenn to teach "Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing."


Kerri Maskol

Kerri Maskol is a pilates instructor and movement educator with a specialized focus on feet and gait patterns. Kerri studied Foot & Gait Therapy under the mentorship of master trainer Nancy Myers as well as rehabilitation work with Lizz Roman, and has trained with author and bio-mechanist Katy Bowman and James Earls of Anatomy Trains UK. She delights in helping her clients achieve their health and wellness goals so they can move through life pain-free, with greater ease and grace. To learn more visit: www.kerrileemaskol.com

Carol partners with Kerri to teach "The Foot & Posture Workshop."


Leah Barack

Leah Barack is a Functional Nutrition Consultant getting her Master’s degree in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine.  She focuses on helping people discover how to find the best diet for their unique needs, and incorporates a variety of Ayurvedic principles into her nutritional recommendations.  Leah loves getting people excited about the power of food as medicine, and helps people learn how to implement realistic strategies for optimal health into their everyday lives.

Carol partners with Leah to teach the “Yoga & Nutrition Series.”




Unfold is an unconditionally welcoming yoga studio. We provide a joyous, friendly and deeply supportive community for your practice. At Unfold we love yoga for bigger bodies, yoga for younger bodies, yoga for challenged bodies, yoga for older bodies – every class welcomes you just the way you are.  We are LBGT-friendly, wheelchair accessible and offer free parking. Our instructors help you listen to your body and modify poses in any way that suits your current emotional and physical condition. To learn more visit: www.unfoldportland.com

Carol teaches regular weekly drop-in classes at Unfold, as well as series classes and workshops.



Way more than a fitness center, the NECC is a place where people of all ages exercise, swim, play, dance, paint, learn, and share good times. The Northeast Community Center’s focus is on helping families and individuals achieve their wellness, recreational, learning, and cultural goals, while being part of a diverse, welcoming community. To learn more visit: necommunitycenter.org

Carol teaches regular weekly drop-in classes at the NECC.



Working with Yoga comes to YOUR office, bringing Yoga to employees when they need it most…during the workday.  Having yoga in the office improves focus, releases stress and tension, reduces sick-time, enhances employee fulfillment/team building. Alison Wesley is the owner of Working with Yoga, E-500RYT, and a Certified Yoga Therapist and Franklin Method Educator. To learn more visit: www.workingwithyoga.com

Carol partners with Working with Yoga to teach yoga to businesses in Portland, OR.



Love Your Brain is a non-profit organization with programs designed to build community, foster resilience, and help people understand the importance of loving your brain. Love Your Brain supports people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury and their caregivers to participate in a free, research-backed, six-week yoga and meditation series designed based on the science of resilience. To learn more visit: www.loveyourbrain.com

Carol partners with Love Your Brain to teach yoga to the TBI community in Portland, OR.

Carol’s Teachers


Rae MINTen

Rae Minten is a certified yoga teacher and has studied with Judith Lasater, Denise Payne, Paul and Suzee Grilley. After studying with Bill Flocco from the American Academy of Reflexology, Rae is a certified Reflexologist. In July of 2014, Rae graduated from the 800-hour massage program at East West College of Massage & Healing Arts with a focus on Thai Massage. She also offers Essential Oils with ArōmaTouch and Energetic Healing with Reiki. Throughout all her practices, Rae encourages you to move towards a place of health, awareness, and growth in a safe and supportive environment so you can Feel Better! To learn more visit: www.namaste-rae.com

Carol did her yoga apprenticeship with Rae in 2014 and has partnered with Rae to teach a variety of classes and workshops. Rae also taught Carol the joint release movement sequence for the "Yoga for Joint Release" series!


Monicka Koneski

Monicka Koneski has been teaching movement now (everything from creative movement for kids to modern dance to therapeutic private yoga classes to many things in between) since 1999. She has had the honor of being a part of The Bhaktishop Yoga Center since its inception, and under the gentle and encouraging guidance of Lisa Mae Osborn and Hari-bhakti dasi, as well as a number of other inspired and influential teachers, she has completed more than 500+ hours of yoga education and training. It is her goal as a bodywork practitioner, anatomy and kinesiology geek, yoga teacher, Mama, and student of bhakti yoga to serve and honor each individual that she encounters, whether on the mat or off, in the best and truest way that she knows how. To learn more visit: unfurlmassagetherapy.com

Carol studied Asana under Monicka during her 200 hour training at the Bhaktishop School of Yoga and did her yoga apprenticeship with Monicka in 2014. She continues to study with Monicka as she completes her 500 hour training.


Doug Keller

Doug Keller has a master’s degree in philosophy from Fordham University. His yoga journey includes 14 years of practicing in Siddha Yoga ashrams, intensive training in the Iyengar and Anusara methods, and nearly a decade of teaching in the U.S. and abroad. His further expansion in learning is reflected in his latest and most in-depth work, ‘Yoga as Therapy,’ which is truly one of the most comprehensive, innovative and useful treatments of the structural aspect of yoga therapy available. And for three years he was a regular columnist for Yoga+ Magazine (formerly Yoga International, published by the Himalayan Institute), writing the ‘Asana Solutions’ column that addresses specific therapeutic problems. He is at the highest level of certification with Yoga Alliance, E-RYT 500, and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. To learn more visit: www.doyoga.com

Carol takes continuing education workshops with Doug on an annual basis in Portland and Seattle to study ‘Yoga as Therapy’.