Yoga for Joint Release is an anti-arthritic/anti-rheumatic joint release series — a set series of poses where we move one by one through each joint in the body, moving them in as many directions as possible.

As we increase awareness of our joints and improve the mobility through our joints, we prevent and reduce pain and inflammation, decrease the risk of illness and injury, improve our overall health and wellness, and learn how to keep our joints happy & healthy for many years to come.

I teach this 6-week series twice a year because I so firmly believe in it’s effectiveness. My connection began in 2008 when my teacher, Rae Minten, taught this series to me as we practiced together weekly in my living room. I have a strong history of arthritis in my family, and even in my 20’s my joints were stiff and cranky, sometimes inflamed, and basically just difficult to move. I noticed that as we practiced, my joints began to feel more free and I began to move with much more ease and mobility. I also felt more energetically alive, my breath was more present and full, and my joints felt lubricated and loved!

The general structure of the class is as follows:
1. Warm-ups —- designed to relax and strengthen the muscles, so that we may move our joints with more ease throughout the rest of class.
2. Joint Release poses —- this is the anti-rheumatic joint series described above - it takes about 20-30 minutes.
3. Massage techniques & joint strengthening exercises —- to reduce muscular stiffness, improve circulation and blood flow, and strengthen our joints.

Are you a believer yet? Join me and see for yourself… Yoga for Joint Release is a 6-week series offered twice a year at Unfold Portland. See next offering here: