This Spring, I've had the opportunity to engage in both a 10-day vipassana meditation retreat on Salt Spring Island, as well as a 4-day advanced yoga teacher training in Breitenbush.

Just like you, I have my own team of teachers to help encourage me along the path, and inspire me to become a wiser and more balanced human being. Their support and guidance allows me to bring an authentic and sincere heart to all of my classes, so that I can serve my students in the best way possible.

Whether you find a yoga teacher, a spiritual teacher, or a mentor, it is important to surround yourself with as many inspirational and supportive people as possible in your life to encourage consistent growth and to find the right amount of transformation necessary to discourage stagnation and promote creativity. Most of us will find ourselves playing the role of both student and teacher at different points in our lives, sometimes at the same time.

If you have the intention of finding a spiritual teacher, watch that person closely for many years until you are confident in their deep integrity. Don't give all your power to them... even the most realized spiritual teacher is human and can become corrupt and abuse their power in a moment of blindness. If they do falter, a true teacher will be open to hearing the truth and admit their mistake. Although it is important to respect and honor your teacher, you don't need to put them on a pedestal. Remember, if you continue seriously on a spiritual path, it is very possible that someday you will become the equal of your teacher, or even surpass them in spiritual knowledge and practice.

I am grateful for the many wonderful teachers I've had in my life thus far. I wouldn't be where I am today without them...