Oregon Health & Science University Research Teens with Chronic Pain

Carol Grimes writes:
"Every Tuesday, my teaching partner Stephanie and I teach yoga and mindfulness to a group of very special teens up at OHSU. These are teens who have already begun to experience tremendous physical pain at a very young age and who are wise beyond their years because of it. They are ready and hungry for any wisdom we can offer them, and many of them have already begun to experiment with what they are learning at home. With chronic pain, it's easy to feel hopeless and alone, therefore, one of the most powerful aspects of the group is that they get to meet other kids their age that they can relate to and share their experiences with. Yoga and mindfulness have been the most important tools of my own healing journey. It's an honor to be able to share these practices with others, especially with such an engaged and passionate group of young people."

We're halfway through our first eight-week course for teens and feedback has been excellent. Here's what one parent shared (the teen's name has been changed): 

"I am Mark's mom and wanted to give you some feedback from his Physical Therapist. Since Mark started the class, his PT has noticed an improvement in Mark's posture. Mark has also made significant progress in the last three weeks to the point where the is able to start strength training. I personally cannot believe that in just three sessions so much can improve, but I am so overjoyed that this is the case. One request that his PT asked is if Mark can continue the class even after the eight weeks. Many thanks for your study and I do hope there are considerable learnings from this for everyone."

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