EB: What made you interested in teaching yoga?

CG: Before I started teaching yoga, I looked successful and driven at surface level, but in reality most of the time I felt unbalanced and unfulfilled. Yoga was the main practice at the time that provided me with moments of balance and wholeness, as well as relief from chronic back pain. With a regular yoga/meditation practice and with the help of a few key teachers, I gained enough courage and insight to consider teaching yoga as a more authentic path for myself.

EB: What do your students say that they love about working with you?

CG: My students often appreciate my calming voice and peaceful presence. I had one student call my teaching style, "yoga candy" because they felt so good in their body after class. Students have expressed that they don't feel pressured in my class, feel as though they've nurtured/taken care of themselves, and feel as though they've been able to make a deeper spiritual connection.

EB: Fill in the blank: I love working with students who ______________?

CG: I love working with students who are dedicated to their practice and are wanting to feel more at ease in their bodies and in their lives. My passion is to work with people who are experiencing pain or illness in their bodies or hearts, and who are seeking a healthy way to relieve or understand their current state of body or mind.

EB: Anything else?

Yoga is an intense study of the self that you can't get from any one teacher or book. You have to practice it and find out for yourself. Teaching is an opportunity to share with others a practice that I believe in, in the hopes that my students will make their own rich discoveries.

This interview was featured in the December 2015 edition of the Unfold Studios Newsletter.