I began my journey with yoga in my early 20's as a way to seek relief from chronic physical pain. Over time I found that the pain was inseparable from mental, emotional, and spiritual sources.

There are many layers of healing waiting to be discovered in the human body. When we approach our experiences of pain and disconnection with a sense of kindness, curiosity, and openness, the discoveries can be rich and deeply rewarding.

I want my students to feel safe and at home in their bodies, so as to encourage a deeper level of understanding and wisdom. To make a connection to your body is to make a connection to your heart...

Carol teaches yoga in a gently flowing, therapeutic, breath-focused, and meditative way to help nourish, heal and balance body, heart and soul. Her class sequences are designed to re-align the body into long-term healthy movement patterns. She has personally discovered that bringing kindness and awareness to a gentler, more spacious practice allows the body to open naturally, brings a sense of ease and restoration to the mind, and prepares students for the possibility of a deeper inner practice.

She has an RYT-200 through the Bhaktishop School of Yoga and is currently completing her 500-hour advanced level training. She studies with Doug Keller and Gary Krafstow in the fields of therapeutic yoga and yoga for chronic pain. She has a Master of Public Health and a previous career in health research. For the past 7 years, she has studied meditation with teachers in the U.S. and Burma.

Workshops & Series: 4-6 week specialized series classes include: Yoga for Joint Release, Free Your Shoulders, and Love Your Brain Yoga. Workshop offerings include: Chant, Heal, Restore, Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing, and The Foot & Posture Workshop

Meditation & Retreats: Currently offering Loving-Kindness Practice, a 6-week meditation series rooted in the Buddhist practice of Metta. Half-Day Loving-Kindness Retreat is for available to those who have taken the 6-week series. A Day of Kindness is a daylong retreat of meditation, yoga, and other kindness practices. Summer Coastal Retreat is a weekend retreat on the Oregon Coast.

Health & Physical Therapy Clinics: Offering research-based yoga/therapeutic movement to health and physical therapy clinics, including: Joint Freeing Series, Yoga for Brain Injuries, Pain Relief Sanctuary, and more…

Children & Teens: Carol has worked with with Peace in Schools, The Storybook School, the French American International School, and partnered with OHSU to teach teens with chronic pain.

Studios & Businesses: Weekly classes and ongoing workshops are offered at Unfold, the Northeast Community Center, and other studios in Portland, OR. Carol has also taught yoga to a variety of businesses through Working with Yoga. She partners with the Love Your Brain foundation to teach yoga to the TBI community.

Private Lessons & Specialized Workshops: Carol teaches private lessons at her NE Portland Studio as well as meditation retreats and some specialized workshops.


"I am truly encouraged to feel like my body and what I can do are totally ok and good and right." --A.F.

"Kind and supportive with good instruction. My body says thank you." --J.S.

"You incorporated moves that myself and others suffering from similar pain were able to do, giving us a fantastic and accurate workout." --G.A.

"Whoever has the gift of having you for their instructor will be truly blessed. I can't thank you enough for your willingness and sweet spirit." --L.A.

"Customized classes, deep listening, sincere caring, and full commitment to the gentle yoga unfolding experience!" --L.M.

"Carol, I need to thank you again for your class yesterday. I felt SO many sensations in my body throughout the afternoon, like I did such great work in spaces that are not usually reached. You have a beautiful gift of teaching, of depth, of bringing intention and mindfulness to each motion and pose. I'm so very grateful!" --C.J.

"Carol, what you designed for me [in my private home practice] feels very special & carefully thought out as you patiently, quietly & non - judgmentally created then guided me through this program that is now mine. My body appreciates all of your attending to what it needed to help soothe & comfort its aging & aching joints & surrounding attachments." --J.N.

"I am Mark's mom and wanted to give you some feedback from his Physical Therapist. Since Mark started the [pain relief for teens] class, his PT has noticed an improvement in Mark's posture. Mark has also made significant progress in the last three weeks to the point where he is able to start strength training. Many thanks." --T.R.



The Bhaktishop School of Yoga, Portland OR. Enrolled.


The Bhaktishop School of Yoga, Portland, OR


Gary Krafstow, Seattle, WA.


Doug Keller, Portland, OR & Seattle, WA.


Love Your Brain, Portland, OR


Philidelphia Insurance Companies.


American Red Cross. 


Bachelor of Arts. Master of Public Health.